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See how you can save time & lower operational costs by simplifying high volume content migrations, repository consolidations, and large bulk content processes with one software.

FileMatica helps you manage bulk ECM processes to solve core ECM operation problems.

Why Use FileMatica?

Save Time with Bulk Operations

FileMatica allows you to easily manage large content processes such as Bulk Loading, Bulk Import/Export, Bulk Metadata updates and much more in an easy to use dashboard.

Migrating and consolidating ECM platforms.

Filematica simplifies high volume content migrations and repository consolidations. Migrate content from one ECM system to another, from your old system to the new or consolidate multiple repositories.

FileMatica Managing Process

Monitoring content operations between ECM repositories

FileMatica allows you to process or move content from one system to another in a single operation or, transfer content and its associated metadata to moveable media for transportation to another location.

FileMatica Managing Process

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Process or move your content from one system to another in a single operation.

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