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Enable real-time solutions that easily manage bulk content processes for ECM environments.

FileMatica is a software that delivers a central hub for managing the bulk access, transformation, movement and monitoring of content operations. It can be scaled to meet the most challenging content projects from a few thousand documents to tens of millions of documents. In addition to just moving the content (documents), discover the taxonomy of the underlying repository and then, in the case of a migration, modify (or transform) the metadata to match that of the target repository.

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What FileMatica can do for you

ECMG Migration IS to P8


Our software empowers you to migrate your own content without the need for services.

ECMG Integration


FileMatica lets you connect and integrate with as many connectors and document repositories as you like.

ECMG Consolidation


FileMatica allows you to consolidate a number of different systems and environments into a single repository.



Manage ECM bulk processes and be able to move content to and from P8. Move massive quantities of data with a clear method to monitor.

What's New in FileMatica

Completely Revamped

Job Runner has been completely improved with a new interface which gives you realtime statistics, direct integration from FileMatica, and a better multi-instance support.

New Logging Engine

Completely new logging engine for better insight into problem documents.

New Compatibilities

Direct compatibility with Content Administrator for a seamless upgrade path.

New Content Operations

Several new and improved content operations.

New Providers

FielMatica has added new providers including IBM Content Manager, OpenText eDocs, and Outlook (including export from PST and OST files).

Work With Large Projects

Improved support for very large projects.


To test drive the full FileMatica experience, you must go to & sign up for a free trial. We give you a 30 day risk free trial. No credit card required! After you have, registered your FileMatica software download will start. You will be sent an email with a serial number. Once FileMatica has been installed, you are able to activate the serial number that was given to you and start using the software.

Yes, FileMatica gives you validation and auditing capabilities that enables timely data recovery and batch validation. Projects are used to organize and manage the work performed on documents. A project consists of one or more jobs. Each project is kept in a project database. The project tracks all of the work to be performed, both prior to, during and after execution. All of this is accomplished through easy to use dashboards and control console. A project summary may also be exported as an Excel spreadsheet for your convenience.

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